Issue 8: Declaration of War

Mobotroplis is under siege! A chance arrival at Castle Acorn has placed Sonic at the frontline of the oncoming Metal Rampage, witnessing firsthand Dr. Eggman’s revenge for eleven years ago in full swing. As Sonic, Tails, and Princess Sally dash into the city to hold off the assault, Eggman’s fleet hangs in the sky, squads of robots in a running riot down below, and bombs drop overhead on the unprepared civilians and soldiers of the Acorn Kingdom. The sins of a father are to be paid in full for cutting down a genius in his prime… as some might say.

While Omelette distracts everyone on the surface, Eggman slips undetected into the caverns below the castle, discovering the fabled hidden palace throught lost to time. Why is it beneath Castle Acorn? What plans could have for the treasures that lie within?

Story: CelestOrion, Time8th
Written by: Time8th, Sunshine Nine
Pencils: Sakaruchibi, Alyrian, Fours
Inks: Cloverleaf Palette, MrZero101, SweetShadow, UrsineTimes
Colors: CrimDa, Hikaru Abe, SkullxCake, UrsineTimes
Letters: CelestOrion
Editors: Sunshine Nine, SweetShadow, VanessaSonica
Special Thanks: CelestOrion, Fatalinger, Kyoso


  • Pencils: Red Rabbit
  • Inks: Red Rabbit
  • Colors: UrsineTimes

9 comments on “Issue 8: Declaration of War

  • Alright, before I get to praising you for this, I have to say something about the panel structure. It seems to be inconsistent, with the first instance reading from right to left( manga style) and the next instance reading from left to right(Western style). That was a little confusing. Also, looks like either a new artist or new protocol, due to the character shape changes.

    I really liked this one. Sally got to appear in an awesome way, Tails(and Omlette) had some amazing characterization, and we got to see Everyone’s relationship to Eggman(maybe tying into origins?). Tails doesn’t seem to be very brave, but is trying his best, all throughout this chapter, which is nice. Most Fan stories either make Tails super confident before his arc, or reduce him to a side-kick. Omlette seems to be struggling with approval issues, wanting daddy to love her so much but always seeming to fall short. Kind of sad, but also a neat touch. Sally appears to be vicious by nature, which makes me think she might not be Sonic’s ally at the final moments of this Arc, driven to extreme action by emotions.

    Also, will we see Tempest again? Will she be a main character or a side character who appears in certain stories?

    • Hey, thanks for reading!

      I mentioned in the Editor page that 2020-2021 was a pretty rough year for our artists and team, so we had to pass the pencils along to a few different people for the issue to complete, so there’s a little bit of style change and layout, but that shouldn’t be an issue for the next several issues, as all of those are solo-works!

      Tempest will also be back at a later time, she’s a core character, just isn’t always hanging out with Sonic and the gang. Stay tuned for issues that she’ll return in!

      • So… is everything alright? We haven’t obtained an update or anything. I understand an issue not being ready, but no news letters or anything. You guys are healthy right? No is dying I hope. Sorry if this is pushy, but silence and time leave me to my thoughts

  • Matthew Gross says:

    What kind of relationship will Sonic and Sally have in Sonic Legacy? Will it be romantic, with the occasional fights and break ups, like in the Pre Genesis Archie comics? Or will it be strictly platonic like what they had in the Post Genesis story line?

    • Hi! Sonic and Sally won’t have any kind of romantic relationship in Legacy, nor will they become close friends like in Archie media. Her role is quite different in Legacy than in Archie.


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