Audition for Sonic Legacy

As Sonic Legacy is a labor of love, we'd love to see you audition to help us with the comic! Currently, no one on staff receives compensation. On this page, we summarize the audition positions. All auditions are handled on our Discord server. Please read the #intro-and-rules channel first. Fully fleshed-out rules for auditioning are located in each #auditions channel as pinned messages. Please join us there and go to the #auditions channels for all the details. And thanks for your interest!

In all staff roles, staff are expected to be able to take review and direction for revisions to content produced. When auditioning, we will require samples of your work. If you are auditioning for Colorists we do have sample pages for you to use for your audition.

You can always re-audition if you're not accepted! We're willing to help you improve, so don't be afraid to ask for help! You can ask for help in #art-help.

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Pencilers are the first step in the big process of drawing the Sonic Legacy comics. Pencilers are responsible with rough story-boarding, panel layout, and of course the primary pencils that make up the artwork in the issue. Pencilers often work with one or more other pencilers, and even the other artists, with pages in an issue divided up between those assigned to the task.


After a penciled page has been approved and signed off on, the page is assigned to an inker. Like with pencilers, the pages in issue may be divided up between one or more inkers so the task isn't too daunting, and so deadlines can be met.


Colorists then take the approved inked pages and color them accordingly to defined palettes, utilizing shading and blending techniques. One or more colorists may be assigned specific pages in any given issue.


Adding the dialogue bubbles is the last part of the comic issue production process. Letterers take the polished, finished colored issue pages and add in all the proper dialogue.


Currently, there are no open writer positions. Sonic Legacy writers are one of the most core positions of the team. Writers are expected to "know the lore" from a wide-range of official Sonic lore, whether it be from the games, cartoons, comics, etc. Writers directly influence and discuss the story all the way from Sonic Legacy overarching plots to individual issue arch details. In addition, writers hold considerable sway in ironing out minute details relating to anything in Sonic Legacy, from locations of villages to character details.


Currently, there are no open music positions. Music is a core and fun aspect of Sonic Legacy. We're proud that we have such wonderful music talent for our own custom-produced music! The music contributed to Sonic Legacy is featured anywhere there may be video content: dubs, animations, podcasts, etc.

Voice Actor

Currently, there are no open voice actor positions. However, please feel free to join us in Discord to read up on the process for auditioning as a voice actor, for when positions and roles may open up. Voice Actors provide exceptional voice talent for any and all Sonic Legacy's voice needs: from comic dubs to custom animations.


There are other areas in Sonic Legacy that we may need help with. If you think you have a skill that will help Sonic Legacy's reach, please talk to us about it.

Special Assignment: Comic Translators!

Sonic Legacy is always interested in reaching further to people we ordinarily wouldn't be able to with just English. Are you interested in translating the comics into your language? We're interested to talk with you about it! But please be aware that you need to have graphic skill to insert the translation and re-make the speech bubbles from our raw, full-size pages yourself.
  1. What language(s) are you specifically looking for? Any, really! But if we had to choose, we'd say Spanish, since our analytics data shows the highest second language visits to be Spanish.
  2. Do you have someone to proof the translation? Most likely we don't, so you'd need to have someone to proof it for you. We advise against only you working the translation, since a proofreader could ensure there's no grammar or translation oversights.
  3. What do you mean graphic skills? We require you to have software that you can use to create speech bubbles. It doesn't matter what software it is, if it works well. We will not do that for you. We also do not allow and will not accept you merely erasing text on existing bubbles on comic pages and stuffing the translated text into those bubbles. Why? Because, as languages vary, so does the length and amount of words. You may need more or less space to properly fix dialogue in a speech bubble. The entire comic looks 100% better when custom bubbles are re-made to fit the text properly. If you don't have software and/or graphic skills to handle speech bubbles, it's fine for you to find someone to work them for you.
  4. How and what to export the translated pages as? Please export all pages at 300DPI 2100x3150px resolution 16-bit PNG images.
  5. Where would I handle this project task? All work would be discussed and collaborated on in our Discord server, so you'd need to join it.
  6. Do I get a translators credit? Of course! On the credit boxes at the beginning of each issue you translate, you'd simply add yours there.
  7. Can I just translate one issue? We highly discourage this. Translating an arc at a time is fine though!
  8. Does communication need to be in English? Yes. But if you're reading this, you already know English, so no problem! Why? Because English is the language we use for all communication. We'd want to be able to communicate with you, too.
  9. Other questions? Join our server and just ask in the #legacy-chat channel!