Voice Actor

Crystal Avenger Bio Pic Voice of Holly [Christmas OVA] Hi! I'm crystalavenger! I've been voice acting for a few months now and I'm so extremely excited to be a part of this amazing project!


Voice Actor

Pic Voice of Infinite (Meph Mart). TrevZed is a freelance VA and aspiring writer with a big passion for the Sonic series. Since 2017, he's been a part of a couple Sonic related projects providing a wide variety of character voices.


Voice Actor

Zonic Bio Pic Voice of Spruce [Christmas OVA] A video game connoisseur, 24/7 Let's Player, editor, and love getting occasional voice work. Overall enjoy tasks when given, hobbies are good to! Patreon Page



Sneakr Bio Pic Sneak is a freelance animator and storyboard artist. They are currently an asset illustrator for a game in development. While not doing a job, Sneak is most likely practicing drawing. Official Website
Animation: Segment for Sonic Seconds V.9



Chris000 Bio Pic I'm a freelance artist, aspiring animator, and as of recently a storyboarder (working on the Christmas OVE storyboards). This is my first group project of this caliber and I'm happy to have helped! When not sketching, I enjoy reading, gaming, and rucking. Main Website

Kitcatcandy456 (or Jiji M.)


KitCat Bio Pic I am an amatuer artist who's pursuing a career in animation. Currently I'm working on Legacy's animated OVA and a project with Sonic Paradox.