Issue 7: Drill of the Chase

Time to put on your hardhats, as we dive headfirst into “Drill of the Chase”! Sonic and Tails head into Mystic Cave Zone to collect the materials they need, but they’re not the only spelunkers afoot. One wrong step, they’ll be the ones who need to be chiseled out of the wall!

Story: CelestOrion
Written by: Fatalinger
Pencils: Fritzy Magpies
Inks: Cloverleaf Palette, Kerbaru, MrZero101
Colors: Likey2021, Speendlex, UrsineTimes, CrimDa
Letters: CelestOrion
Editors: ColorMeReal, Cloverleaf Palette, NineBreaker, SweetShadow, VanessaSonica
Special Thanks: Sea-Salt (Thumbnailing/Outline)


  • Pencils: Zak
  • Inks: MrZero101
  • Colors: MamboCat

9 comments on “Issue 7: Drill of the Chase

  • Salem Ga Kyokski says:

    I’ll bet the villains from Sonic Lost World, characters from Sonic X-Treme, characters from Sonic 06, and/or characters from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

  • Hey there paradox team i want to see some references from mst3k,usagi yojimbo,mad magazine and more, and what happen to Nicole after eggman seal him into badnik Sincerely. Mike zhou p.s. I want to see looney tunes, tom and jerry references and more characters from comics of Archie,fleetway and idw too!

    • Hey, Mike zhou! Thanks for taking the time to read the comic, however we won’t be throwing in any Easter Eggs or references to non-SEGA IPs in the comic unless a good reason were to come up.

  • Salutations, good to see that Sally has some friendly faces. I was worried that you all might have given up on your awesome project.
    I imagine Sally will join Sonic on the next action packed, egg-cracking adventure. Maybe Sonic will teach her to loosen up, or maybe she can teach him to be serious


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