About & FAQ

Having begun in April, 2018, Sonic Legacy is a big love letter to a franchise many of us have grown up with, starring a certain spiky blue hedgehog. Sonic Legacy's a Sonic the Hedgehog fan webcomic? What does that all entail? You've come to the right page to get those questions answered. If your question isn't answered here, hop on our Discord or one of our social sites and ask us there.

From games to comics to cartoons, Legacy pulls from an absolute smorgasbord of material, adding new twists to old favorites and brand new ideas mixed in. Our goal is to make a comic series that is just as engaging as the official productions, while taking advantage of the lack of legal circumstances or mandates set to maintain a certain image. Sonic Legacy is truly a comic series created by the fans, for the fans. Sonic Legacy is also a Sonic Paradox project, aimed at involving various non-animation Sonic artists within the community!

Who are these guys?

Sonic Legacy's team is composed of many folks from all over the world, big or small. However, they all share a love for all things Sonic. Legacy is a labor of love for everyone involved, although quite a few have hopes of one day producing material for the big leagues! In the meantime, however, they are more than happy to work on something dealing with everyone's favorite Blue Blur.

Our team is constantly growing and evolving; making an accurate and current listing is just about impossible, but for those wanting to learn more or meet the gang, check out our staff page, Discord, and wikia pages.

How does this all work?

From start to finish on each issue of Sonic Legacy, the entire ordeal is a group effort. At no point does any one poor schmuck get loaded down with all of the work.

Like all great works, it all starts from debates and planning. As the team contemplates idea after idea regarding where the adventure should go for Sonic and the gang, we slowly but surely mold together a well written, cohesive idea of what we want. From there, rough outlines are typed up and gradually refined until we perfect our ideas, making them perfect for Legacy.

Several people then begin the process of writing the issue's script, not unlike what one would do for a play or movie. There are many things to consider here, such as making sure what we want fits on a certain page, as well as giving direction to the artists to know what they're drawing.

On the artistic side of things, rough page layouts, or thumbnails, are sketched up to give a basic idea of how the comic will look, and are a huge helping hand to those in charge of pencils. Usually, one or two artists pencil an issue, often paired up based on their individual styles, in order to keep a consistent look to any given issue, as well as allowing for more artists to strut their stuff. From there, the inkers and colorists do their thing to make everything look all nice and purty.

At any given time, part of this whole cycle is occurring as we work to get multiple issues in production, as well as planting the seeds for the series' future. For now, the entire process on a single issue can last several months, as the team does have real life duties that take an obvious priority over a fan project. As the team expands, we hope to shave down those turnaround times, if even by a slight margin.

We're all Sonic fans here, and as such we know that this community is one of the most passionate ones around. We want to set the record straight that Sonic Legacy is in no way, shape, or form meant to replace or compete with existing official material. We have the utmost respect for those responsible for gracing us with this franchise's presence, and have no intention of declaring our vision as the one and only webcomic.

We welcome any and all insights, and encourage the fans to extend this courtesy to others, and to not bully others for their opinions or statements, be they on the professional side, or just casual fans. We're all in this big crazy world together, folks. Let's keep it way past cool.

What the heck is Sonic Legacy?

Sonic Legacy is an off-shoot of the Sonic Paradox team, a project meant for those with artistic/writing talent to have something to create if animation isn't their cup of tea. It's a comic series within its own canon, not connected to official series like Archie, IDW, or Fleetway (though there is inspiration), but still incorporating elements of the games themselves, along with our own unique ideas. The goal isn't to “compete” with official comics, but to show our own unique take on the adventures of the blue blur and his friends.

Where can I read Sonic Legacy?

Right here on our website!

Do you have merch I can buy?

Yes. On our Teemerch site!

How often are issues released?

In our perfect world, once a month. However, the schedule may be a bit mixed right now. You can always audition to help if you want to see issues released in a more timely manner! (However, as of right now we are not actively looking for writers)

Who's Tempest?

Sonic Legacy's official and amazing dolphin OC. She's great. There is no counter argument over it.

Where does Sonic Legacy fall in with Archie Comics, Fleetway, or IDW Sonic lore?

Sonic Legacy doesn’t follow any official Sonic lore from past or present productions. What we do is pick and choose pieces from all over the Sonicverse: Archie Comics, IDW, Fleetway, games, cartoons, so on and so forth. With all these little pieces, we place them into our revised Sonic Legacy comicverse and possibly alter them (a little or a lot) to match our personal vision for Sonic.

Can I make a comic dub of Sonic Legacy?

Comic dubs are allowed on the condition that credit is given to Sonic Legacy and linked back to the official website, and that the content is not monetized.

Do you all need any help?

We do. Usually, pencilers, inkers, or colorers. What are you offering? Hop on Discord and chat us up.

Can I contribute in any way?

Absolutely! You can audition to help us with the actual comic production, or you can support us by purchasing merch or pledging on our Patreon.

Is working on Sonic Legacy a paid gig?

While we are currently trying to work out a way to give back to our team members, this project is very, very much a labor of love. Absolutely do not expect this to be something to pay the bills with, and never prioritize things here over your job in real life. We want everyone here to have a good time, and not starving themselves to draw blue hedgehogs.

How is production and tasks for Sonic Legacy divided up?

Usually, we try to get new people assigned to a particular issue once they’re on board, but sometimes you might have to prod someone higher up to get the ball rolling. In the meantime, feel free to familiarize yourself with everything going on in the various Discord project channels and practice your skills.