Issue 9: Full Tilt

Sonic and Tails are hot on the heels of Doctor Eggman and his massive battleship, the Wing Fortress! The robot riot in Mobotropolis turned out to be a smokescreen for Eggman’s true plan: raiding the Hidden Palace vault beneath Castle Acorn and acquiring their most prized possession, the Chaos Emerald! What possible reason could it have been there for?

Those questions have to be saved for another time, as Tails takes control of Sonic’s plane, the Tornado, and Sonic himself riding on the wings for the ultimate daredevil experience. The clock is ticking over the West Oceans and the final stages of Eggman’s grand design has just shifted into the final phase…

Story: CelestOrion
Written by: CaptainAwf / Sunshine Nine
Pencils & Inks: VanessaSonica
Colors: BayLaurel, blue spirited, euniethebus, Fours, N’Oni, UrsineTimes, VanessaSonica
Letters: CelestOrion
Editors: VanessaSonica, UrsineTimes, Sunshine Nine
Special Thanks: Granivolus (additional writing)
Cover: VanessaSonica

Debug Mode:
– Writer: Sunshine Nine
– Art: QriticalQuadrant
– Letters: CelestOrion



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