Issue 11: Long Way From Home

With a great power bestowed to him by forces unknown, Sonic has narrowly avoided certain destruction. The only sure thing is how uncertain the situation is. Sonic’s unconscious form drops like a meteor back to Mobius alongside Dr. Eggman’s superweapon, the Death Egg. As he plummets towards the ocean however, the powers that be have other plans in store for the twisted duo. Sonic has awakened a force deeper within than his instincts. Legends rise from the annals of history once again…


  • Story: CelestOrion
  • Writer: Sunshine Nine
  • Pencils/Inks: Red Rabbit
  • Colors (flats): SweetShadow, Mambo Cat
  • Colors (shading): Mambo Cat, Fours
  • Letters: CelestOrion
  • Editors: VanessaSonica, UrsineTimes, Sunshine Nine
  • Inside Cover Page: Speendlex
  • Sprite Edits: Fours, Speendlex

Data Entry:

  • Card Layout: Loumin
  • Emerald Art: Dan Downfield

Debug Mode:

  • Writer: Sunshine Nine
  • Artwork: Elisonic12
  • Letters: CelestOrion

Special Delivery Zone Layout:

  • Loumin
  • Crim
  • Ulti!

5 comments on “Issue 11: Long Way From Home

  • Well, the new art style is interesting. more expressive, but perhaps a bit horrifying on certain panels.

    Still, from what I have gathered, you are moving with a 5 issue per game(at least for the genesis saga) so Angel island will be interesting. Clove is interesting. I see two routes for her, but that is as far as I am going to say so I don’t spoil it for anyone reading.

    ultimately I am looking forward to more of this series.

  • SonicStreak5344 says:

    Sonic’s parents are archeologists? Who are they? And who was that other super hedeghog in Issue 10? Was that Sonic’s father?


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