Issue 10: Hard Reset

Sonic is hitching a ride in Doctor Eggman’s shuttle. Unable to see where he’s going and unsure of what Eggman’s up to, he bides his time within the vents for one reason: his curiosity has gotten the better of him. His instincts are flaring, telling him to wrest control of the ship in a surprise attack and turn it back. Eggman wouldn’t see it coming. Yet…

He can’t help but feel a cold sweat drip over his brow. A single word flashing in his mind’s eye on loop. “DOOM.” But what could Doctor Eggman possibly have up his sleeve now? Against his better judgment, he wants to see what all of this is leading to. Why the mad doctor wanted to cause all of that havoc and mayhem across South Island and Mobotropolis. In just a short while, Sonic will have his answers…

Story: CelestOrion, Sunshine Nine
Writers: Sunshine Nine, CelestOrion
Pencils & Inks: Red Rabbit
Colors: BayLaurel, N’Oni, Speendlex
Letters: CelestOrion
Editors: Sunshine Nine, UrsineTimes, VanessaSonica
Special Thanks: EunieTheBus

Debug Mode:
– Writer: Sunshine Nine
– Artwork: VanessaSonica
– Letters: CelestOrion
– Special thanks: UrsineTimes

2 comments on “Issue 10: Hard Reset

  • I don’t suppose it’s too much trouble asking about the next Mobius Legacy and what stories we can expect from this spin off?

    • Mobius Legacy itself deals with different perspectives across our universe. For example, Issue 2 of Mobius Legacy, which we just released as of this writing, is told from Tails POV.


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