Issue 2: Duo Ex Machina

Tails has been shot down! Forced to make an emergency landing, wrecking Sonic’s plane, the Tornado, in the process as he crashes in Hill Top Zone, one of the lesser traveled locales of the West Islands. A chance discovery of Eggman’s secret base, codenamed Metropolis, a robotics and mineral foundry, has him brave the expansive factory in hopes of finding spare parts to fix the plane. Things aren’t as they seem, as he discovers a decade long anomaly not even Dr. Eggman is aware of…

Story: CelestOrion
Written by: Wulfsbane, SonicWindAttack
Editors: Sunshine Nine, VanessaSonica, UrsineTimes
Pencils: Fours
Inks: EliSonic12, Fours
Colors: BayLaurel, ColorMeReal, Fours, Rubris, SweetShadow
Lettering: CelestOrion, Sunshine Nine
Cover Pencils: Red Rabbit
Special Delivery Zone Layout: Loumin

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