Commenting Policy

Commenting Rules

The following commenting rules are pulled from Sonic Legacy’s Discord server, with adaptations for the website.

  • There may be minors commenting on our website, so please keep your conversation clean and appropriate.
  • Be respectful to the other commentors and their opinions.
  • Do not attack other commenters, artists, writer of other projects or continuities, etc. It’s perfectly okay to not like the direction something goes, but never attack the person about it. We’re a community of artists, and I want all of us to maintain a professional atmosphere in regards to it.
  • Do not post drama.
  • Do not spam the comment section(s). You will receive a warning if you do so, and be temporarily blocked if you spam 3 times.
  • Do not roleplay in the comments. That’s not what this website is about, and it clutters the comments section.
  • While mild profanity is allowed in comments, do not be excessive with it, or use it to insult other commenters.
  • No drug or substance abuse references, please.
  • Derogatory comments and/or posts including symbols of hate about users, such as directed hate against gender/race/religion/disability will not be tolerated. Warnings will not be issued, you will be banned.
  • Do not post spoilers concerning Sonic Legacy in the comments.
  • No NSFW comments or references are allowed.
  • Please keep politics out of the comments. There are many opinions on the topic, and it can become heated, fast.
  • Keep comments in English, so that everyone can participate.

Warnings & Banning:

  • Verbal warnings will be issues first for any minor offense that doesn’t result in a ban.
  • If problematic behavior continues after a verbal warning, you will receive a kick from the commenting section. You will be able to comment again after a certain number of days, but we will keep logs of who was kicked, and why.
  • If issues still persist beyond that, you will be banned from the comments section, with no intentions of lifting the ban.

Depending on the issue at hand, staff may discuss skipping warnings and moving straight to a kick or ban, depending on the issue. Please make sure to read and follow the rules on this page to make the commenting and chatting experience an enjoyable one!

If there are any questions, make sure to reach out to an Administrator!